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The BrickLink AFOL Designer Program is a program run by LEGO through BrickLink first introduced in 2019.


The first sets in the BrickLink AFOL designer program were released in 2019. 13 sets in total were released to celebrate 60 years of the LEGO brick. Each set came with an exclusive printed technic brick.

In December 2020, LEGO announced that several rejected LEGO Ideas projects would be made available through the program. On March 19, 2021 it was announced that 13 out of 31 projects would be made. These sets would be determined through crowd-funding. The projects not selected will have their instructions made available.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
BL19001.jpgBL19001Löwenstein Castle2015Löwenstein Queen, Löwenstein Knight, Löwenstein Archer 2019
BL19002.jpegBL19002Antique Fire Engine1278 2019
BL19003.pngBL19003Skyline Express13666 2019
BL19004.pngBL19004Wild West Saloon1497 2019
BL19005.pngBL19005Isle of Peril1302 2019
BL19006.pngBL19006Eight Studs13942 2019
BL19007.pngBL19007Science Tower12052 2019
BL19008.pngBL19008The LEGO Story14434 2019
BL19009.pngBL19009Imagine It! Build It!9252 2019
BL19010.pngBL19010Hot Shot Carnival591Carnival Boy, Carnival Man, Carnival Woman 2019
BL19011.pngBL19011Vintage Roadster475 2019
BL19012.pngBL19012Bikes!519Bikes! Man, Bikes! Woman 2019
BL19013.pngBL19013Steampunk Mini Chess372 2019


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