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BrickMaster was a LEGO Magazine that was released every month until its last issue in 2011, where it was replaced by LEGO Master Builder Academy. It is the same issue of the actual LEGO Magazine except those who paid for a subscription had access to exclusive features, including special articles, contests, and exclusive comics. Each subscription includes six issues and each comes with an exclusive BRICKMASTER set. The first issue shipped includes a LEGO set, two LEGO coupons, an admission ticket to LEGOLAND and a Magazine. The sets featured with each magazine belongs to different LEGO Themes, such as Creator, Indiana Jones, BIONICLE, Star Wars, Atlantis, Prince of Persia, etc.

List of Brickmaster exclusive sets[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1016710167BrickMaster180 2004
20001-120001LEGO Batbot1030 2008
20002-1200024x4 Fire Truck56Fireman 2008
20003 Brickmaster Dino20003Dino102 2008
20004-120004Jungle Cruiser83Indiana Jones 2008
20005 Klakk20005Klakk38 2008
2000620006Mini Clone Turbo Tank64 November 2008
2000720007Republic Star Destroyer84 January 2009
2000820008Tow Truck79$5.99 / €4.99June 4, 2009
2001020009Mini AT-TE Walker94 November 14, 2009
20010 clear20010Republic Gunship94None (mini)€5.99November 9, 2009
20011 Box20011Garbage Truck74 2009
20012 Click20012Click33€5.992009
20013 Neptune Mini Sub20013Neptune Mini Sub63 January 2010
20014200144x4 Dynamo69 March 2010
2001520015Alligator89 May 2010
20016 prelim20016Imperial Shuttle70 July 2010
2001720017Dagger Trap52Dastan April 2010
2001820018AT AT83 November 2010
20019-120019Slave I76 January 2011
2002020020Mini Turbo Shredder83 2011
2002120021Mini Bounty Hunter Assault Ship81 2011
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Other Brickmaster exclusive releases[]