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Brick Daddy is a criminal in the August 2010 wave of Space Police III sets. He wears purple clothing with the mark of the Black Hole Gang in the middle of it. He is exclusive to the set 5984 Lunar Limo.


Brick Daddy is the boss of the Black Hole Gang. He plans and orders, letting his henchmen commit the crimes all over space. No Space Police officer has ever seen his face, and so there are rumours that he does not exist, or that he is actually a clone or a robot. Brick Daddy is a master in evading the police.[1]


  • Brick Daddy's preliminary name was "The Brickfather", a reference to the "Godfather" films.
  • He has a rare glow-in-the-dark head.
  • He has a crime "Tax Evasion" that is in reference to Al Capone.
  • His suit has several rare purple pieces.
  • His overall appearance and his name are based on the phrase "pimp daddy".




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