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This minifigure has only appeared in movie(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Brick Masterson is a firefighter, also known for being a weapons specialist and demolitions expert, who worked for the LEGO Organization in the movie The Adventures of Clutch Powers.


Brick Masterson is one of the members of Clutch Powers' Brick-Building Team. He is obnoxious, impolite, not very intelligent, and not a very good driver. He enjoys terrorizing Bernie Von Beam and has a slight distaste towards Peg Mooring when she acts intelligent. He also blew up a city block in the mission before the big adventure. What he lacks in intelligence and patience, he makes up in strength. He is very strong, and actually can do a thousand pull-ups.

Mission with Clutch Powers

Clutch Powers' Brick-Building Team was assigned by Kjeld Playwell to investigate the situation on Planet X4 after receiving a distress signal from the planets prison guarded by Space Police. They then embark on a long journey, which brings them from Planet X4 to the Kingdom of Ashlar, where they must all work together to defeat the evil Mallock the Malign.

They discover that the only way to defeat the wizard is through Prince Varen's usage of the Golden Sword. Clutch sets off to find the Prince and succeeds in doing so, Bernie and Brick come over a disagreement on how the Battle Wagon should be built, Brick wanting to create it fast without using the instructions as opposed to Bernie who wants to take his time, all while Peg meets a dragon of which she befriends. This opens up to a battle scene where Clutch and Varen are captured, and everyone else flees, to Brick's dismay.

After retreating from a losing battle, Brick gets angry with Bernie and Peg, until they finally get into an agreement after Peg united them under a cause. Brick is tasked with creating weapons for the upcoming rescue mission they plan. Bernie builds a new vehicle, and even lets Brick drive to show a sense of all of them working together. During the battle, Brick is almost overcome with enemies, until Bernie saves him by throwing a disc into them. Brick congratulates him, marking an acceptance of friendship between the two.

Soon, the trio rescue Clutch and Prince Varen, and the Prince defeats the evil Mallock. Mallock is then put in prison, and the adventurers are given their next mission, finding the other two criminals.


During the majority of the course of the movie, Brick wears a red, yellow, and blue Fire Fighter's outfit. He has blue eyes, a brown mustache, and usually wears a Firefighters helmet. While he is doing his pull-ups, he is wearing a different top.


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