Bots or Robots are programs/codes that can assist editors, or preform tasks at alot faster speeds. They are run by users, and thus have no voting rights.

What exactly can bots do

Bots can perform a large variety of tasks. Most commonly, bots preform General Fixes and other minor tasks. Bots can be coded to preform almost anything with the right framework. A list of other common tasks can be found below:

  • Validating code.
  • Uploading a list of files.
  • Re/Un/Categorizing a large amount of pages

Specific bot tasks can be requested on the talk page, and will be handled by a bot owner if they are possible.

Bot Tools

Bots can use a variety of tools, these are listed below.

  • AutoWikiBrowser - AutoWikiBrowser is a tool under GNU license that can preform a varity of controllable tasks.
  • Pywikipedia - Is a set of Framework written in Python that can run a variety of different tasks, also written in Python.
  • Other Framework - You, or someone else can write framework in lots of different Coding Languages.

Creating a bot

This section will tell you briefly about creating a bot on Brickipedia. These are the following steps you will have to take:

  1. Plan a task your bot will preform
  2. Find a tool or write your framework
  3. Write a proposal for the Bot Approval Group, and wait for it to be reviewed.
  4. If your proposal is given the test status, slowly preform a slow ammount of edits using your bot to demonstrate its tasks
  5. Go back to Bot Approval request and give feedback on your test run
  6. Your Bot approval will then be voted on and given by the BAG. Your bot then will be given a bot flag if it passes and you are free to run the tasks approved.
More Information: Brickipedia:Creating a bot

Approved Bots

  • Ajrbot Contribs - Operated by Ajraddatz. Using: AWB and Pywikipedia. Bot Status: Inactive
  • CJCbot Contribs - Operated by CJC95. Using: AWB and Pywikipedia. Bot Status: Inactive
  • NXTbot Contribs - Operated by UltrasonicNXT. Using: Pywikipedia. Bot Status: Inactive
  • LUWikiBot Contribs - Operated by Mythrun. Using: Javascript(Logs Chat). Bot Status: Inactive
  • MeikoBot Contribs - Operated by ToaMeiko. Using: AWB and Python-based chat client. Bot Status: Inactive


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