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9:38 CzechMate @DH Yes it is - it is "TM"
9:38 Darth henry o/
But LEGO TMd it.
9:39 CzechMate Yeah, but it is still a Trademark, thus a license.
It won't be long until other brands use it and make proper action figures.
9:39 Darth henry I doubt it.
Really doubt it.
9:40 CzechMate I wouldn't put it past them
9:41 Darth henry My LEGO package comes AFD :(
That's too long.
Welcome to the Brickipedia chat
9:42 Power Jim Hi Cligra
9:42 CzechMate @What does it include, DH?
9:43 Darth henry The promotional City helicopter, the MC set and a s9 minifig. I forgot to get pick-a-brick DDDDDD:
9:43 CzechMate The promo copter is pretty awful, IMO
9:44 Darth henry But it includes a fig :P
9:44 CzechMate Meh
9:44 Power Jim Can't ever beat a free fig. :P
9:45 BrickfilmNut I like the windscreen piece.
9:45 Jeyo Back
9:45 BrickfilmNut The rest isn't as good. :P
9:45 Darth henry Damn it D:
9:45 BrickfilmNut Hey Jeyo o/ Cligra o/
9:45 Darth henry So today begins the SW promo -_-
And I had to order it yesterday.
9:45 CzechMate The SW poly looks as about as good as the helicopter
9:46 Power Jim Do you think the Galaxy Squad article has the potential to be a C2?
9:46 Darth henry Oh NVM, the SW one doesn't include a fig.
9:46 CzechMate @PJ Maybe, c3 at heart, IMO
9:48 Darth henry I forgot to check the sale items as well. :/
I guess I was excited about makinng my first order.
9:48 IceMecaDragon the SW poly bag should come with wolffe
9:50 Darth henry Czech-You have the SpideyCYcle right?
9:50 CzechMate Yup
And the Bugle
9:50 Darth henry Ok, What are the black tentacle things?
9:50 CzechMate Why? :P
They are meant to be bits of venom growing out of him.
and the little brick made bits are venom spikes
9:51 Darth henry (I meant the brick-built things)
9:52 CzechMate As hazards and as a way of mutating others to have the Venom in them
9:52 Darth henry Oh.
9:52 CzechMate Are you editing the page?
9:52 Darth henry Nope.
9:53 IceMecaDragon
9:53 CzechMate Oh, so why the question? :P
9:53 Darth henry Curious.
9:53 CzechMate Whenever you have a Spidey question, I'm the one to ask
I'm the Berrybrick of Spider-Man :3
9:54 Darth henry xP
9:54 IceMecaDragon spiderman 3 is the next level of hell
9:54 BrickfilmNut test: ;)
IceMecaDragon has been kicked by Darth henry.
9:54 BrickfilmNut Good, it's working again.
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9:55 BrickfilmNut @DH: Is "h***" allowed?
I always thought it was.
9:55 IceMecaDragon ya me too
9:55 BrickfilmNut It's not censored.
9:55 IceMecaDragon nba
9:55 CzechMate It isn't considered rude enough for censor
9:56 Darth henry Whatever/
9:56 BrickfilmNut I was about to suggest a "List of words unsuitable for chat", but soon realized how that could go bad. :P
9:56 Darth henry :P
9:56 CzechMate We don't really want to be considered religious bias.
9:56 IceMecaDragon i like heaven
9:56 BrickfilmNut I've heard it's supposed to be nice. :P
9:57 IceMecaDragon i might stay
why you say i stay darth
9:59 Darth henry Because you said so.
10:00 IceMecaDragon i said maybe
10:00 BrickfilmNut You can create a separate list for those who are "unsure"
10:00 IceMecaDragon i said mega is staying
10:00 Darth henry Ok.
Are admins here going to be unsysoped when we move?
10:00 BrickfilmNut Nope.
10:00 CzechMate I think we'll stay sysop to do maintenance, etc
10:01 BrickfilmNut "maintenance, etc." :P
10:01 Darth henry :P
Like deleting "bad" pages.
10:02 BrickfilmNut DH, I can list some of the users whose decisions I know of, if you'd like.
10:02 Darth henry Ok.
10:02 Power Jim I g2g o/
10:02 BrickfilmNut Well, I'm sure you already know that basically everyone with admin rights and above is moving. :P
Bye Jim o/
10:03 IceMecaDragon who is the person that keeps the wikia safe
irnakk is staying
10:03 BrickfilmNut As is Mega
10:03 Power Jim Bye
10:03 BrickfilmNut Batgirl will be active on both wikis.
Power Jim has left the chat.
10:03 IceMecaDragon here we go again (eyeroll)
10:04 Darth henry Safe?
I can help keep this wiki "safe" :P
10:04 BrickfilmNut @IMD: Can you be more specific? Safe from what?
10:05 IceMecaDragon safe from people posting stuff we dont wany
10:05 BrickfilmNut Several of the admins will patrol the wiki occasionally.
For a while, at least.
10:05 Darth henry *whispers* Before they get blocked. :P
10:06 IceMecaDragon if i was an admin i will protect both
10:06 BrickfilmNut Bilbo_Baggins?diff=1283098&oldid=1272384 Cool! :P
10:06 Darth henry Maybe you will be when we move.
10:06 BrickfilmNut He'd have to go through the same process as everyone else, though.
10:07 Darth henry Target Exclusive?
10:07 BrickfilmNut It would take a while
@DH: Yep. And he comes with a nice blue vest! :D :P
I'm not getting it regardless, though. :P
10:07 Darth henry :O
10:08 BrickfilmNut [ Target]
Whoops. :P I copy-pasted it without omitting the wikia formatting. :P
10:09 IceMecaDragon he is blue
10:09 Darth henry Shoot :/
If he would have been in a polybag, I would have got it.
10:09 BrickfilmNut :P
10:09 Darth henry But a $25 dollar movie?
No. I can just watch a pirated version.
10:10 BrickfilmNut :O
10:10 Cligra You used to pay that for just the DD a few years back.
10:10 Darth henry
Not a scam.
10:10 BrickfilmNut Still not going there. :P
10:10 Darth henry Has HP movies and others.
Norton says it's fine as well as AVG.
Your choice though.
10:11 BrickfilmNut There are... other reasons I don't feel comfortable going there.
10:12 Darth henry Like? (I'm not pressuring you, I'm just curious.)
10:13 Cligra Oh, I dunno, "the law"?
10:13 BrickfilmNut Well, copyright laws keep getting stricter and stricter. I don't want to get in trouble for viewing pirated material. I doubt it would actually happen, of course, but I want to be on the safe side.
Per Cligra, too. :P
10:14 Darth henry But it's copyrighted. That probably means it isn't illegal.
10:15 IceMecaDragon h
10:15 Cligra ......That's.... Not how it works. :P
IceMecaDragon has left the chat.
10:15 BrickfilmNut So they're giving it away for free?
I doubt that's it. :P
10:15 Darth henry True. :/
I'll ask my parents about it.
10:16 Jeyo If you made a product, wouldn't you want people to pay you use it? How would you make money if people used it without paying?
10:16 Darth henry But isn't $20 for a movie way too much?
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10:16 BrickfilmNut o/
10:16 Darth henry If you want a few of them it can get way too costly.
10:16 BlueJay11 o/
10:17 BrickfilmNut @DH: The same excuse can work for nearly anything. :P
10:17 Darth henry (I'm not justifying stealing it's just that it's kind of abusive.)
10:17 BrickfilmNut Not disagreeing with you, but I wanted to point that out.
10:17 BlueJay11 What is everyone up so late for? :S
10:17 CzechMate Only 5:17pm here
10:18 Darth henry Because I had coffee, a mocha and a nap :P
10:18 BrickfilmNut gtg o/
10:18 BlueJay11 its 11:17pm in my country
o/ BFN
10:18 Jeyo 10:18 PM here.
BrickfilmNut has left the chat.
10:18 BlueJay11 :P
10:18 Darth henry 1:18 AM here.
10:18 Jeyo ...I see.
10:18 Darth henry :P
10:19 BlueJay11 @DH: What :O
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10:19 Jeyo o/
10:19 BlueJay11 o/ Legodude
10:19 Cligra :P I just had a nap, and I'm doing fine. :P
10:19 Legodude101 File:TargetBilbo.png Where'd you find this Clig?
10:19 Cligra Target.
10:19 BlueJay11 :P
10:19 Cligra It was linked to previously.
Somewhere in the maze of the chat convo. :P
10:20 Legodude101 Target? With what set?
10:20 Cligra With the DVD Blu Ray something else movie pack.
10:20 Darth henry A $25 movie (disgusted)
10:20 Cligra " $24.99 Online Price Free shipping when you spend $50"
10:20 CzechMate That isn't too bad
10:20 Legodude101 Movie?
What movie?
10:21 Darth henry It is when you just spent all of your money on the MC set.
10:21 Cligra I look on it as a 15$ movie with a minifigure, and two 5$ gifts for people with newer movie technology than me. :P
10:21 Darth henry The Hobbit Bluray HD DVD pack.
10:21 Legodude101 OHHH
That's great
10:22 Cligra Kinda like that Star Wars DVD with the young Han Solo minifigure from last year.
10:22 CzechMate Pretty good deal, IMO
10:22 Cligra Now, here's a question- should we create a page for the box set? It isn't exactly LEGO...
10:22 Legodude101 If only I weren't a real Hobbit fan. Because I'm waiting until the Fall until I purchase the DVD. Extended edition maaaannnnn :P
10:23 Cligra :P
10:23 BlueJay11 You mean a LEGO Hobbit movie
10:23 Legodude101 No
The actual thing
Which reminds me, wasn't there supposed to be a animated Hobbit short sometime back?
10:23 Cligra Dunno.
10:24 Darth henry CLigra- No.
10:24 BlueJay11 Really LEGO Bilbo Baggins with actual Hobbit movie neato
10:24 Darth henry Just mention on the page that the fig was included with the boxed movie set.
10:24 Legodude101 @BlueJay: Not any old Bilbo
A Blue Bilbo! :P
10:25 Darth henry BluJay-PM
10:26 BlueJay11 I am writing my message DH :)
10:26 Darth henry Ok :)
10:28 Legodude101 It'd be cool if with the new wiki there would be a feature that showed when someone was typing a message
10:29 Darth henry Yeah, like FB.
10:29 Cligra All I can say is "Ewww, Faebook". :P
10:30 Legodude101 GTG
10:30 Cligra And I can't even say that right. (eyeroll) *Facebook
10:30 CzechMate "Faebook"?
10:30 Darth henry I don't like FB.
Legodude101 has left the chat.
10:30 Cligra ^X10
10:30 CzechMate I do like FB100z though :P
10:30 Darth henry :P
10:31 CzechMate I almsnot thought you were talking aboity him.
10:31 Darth henry Cligra- We won't be leaving for a few months right?
10:31 CzechMate *oh god, how did I make such bad typos*
10:31 Cligra Hard to say.
10:32 Darth henry Will there be at least one more month?
10:32 Cligra It all kinda depends on when the lazy programming people actually DO something about setting up Bricki proper. :P
10:33 BlueJay11 Chat s glitching on me again :P
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10:34 Darth henry Well it's 1:30 and I gtg.
Darth henry has left the chat.
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10:34 BlueJay11 Anyone intrested in joining my project!!!!
10:35 Jeyo I must go as well, I'm afriad.
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10:36 BlueJay11 o/ bye Jeyo
10:36 CzechMate Niooo
10:36 Irnakk hullo. o/
10:36 BlueJay11 o/ Irnakk
10:36 Jeyo o/
10:36 BlueJay11 :)
Can I send you a PM Irnakk
10:36 Irnakk I'm so glad with what I bought at tolkienstore <3
Jeyo has left the chat.
10:37 CzechMate What'd you get?
10:39 Irnakk Ceremonial Eomer action figure,its a great figure :D ,Thorin 6 inch figure,and a huge Eomer Rohirrim flag <3
10:39 CzechMate Any LEGO on sale?
10:39 Irnakk Yes there was LEGO
I didnt buy those since they dont sell the other products in different stores in my country so..
LEGO is like avaible in almost every toy store here :P
10:40 CzechMate Is it overpriced?
10:41 Irnakk pretty much :P
But I didnt go to the store for LEGO,might aswell go to a different store if that was the case.
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10:42 Irnakk o/
10:42 Megalor I became rex
10:42 BlueJay11 o/ Megalor
10:43 Megalor Blue IMD is back
read the comment he adde
It says I returned
10:46 BlueJay11 Cool
Megalor has left the chat.
CzechMate has left the chat.
10:46 BlueJay11 PM updated Irnakk
Czech left :(
Megalor left :(
10:48 Irnakk baack
10:48 BlueJay11 o/
11:18 Cligra test
11:20 Irnakk :P 
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