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Within Brickipedia, Class 2 articles, also known as Complete articles, is the minimum quality level that every article should eventually reach. However, there are some circumstances, usually for articles that are based on future sets or minifigures, where all the details are not currently known. Class 2 (future) articles are those that contain all of the information currently known about the topic, but may be incomplete due the some information about the topic in question is still yet to be revealed. Once all relevant information is known about the topic and anything that is not currently in the article is added, it may be considered for full Class 2 status.

Currently, of the 34,875 Brickipedia articles, 81 are categorized as Class 2 (future) articles (about 1 in 431), most of which are listed below.


Class 2 articles must...

  1. ...comply with the manual of style completely.
  2. ...have their infoboxes filled out as best as possible.
  3. ...have a small lead section that describes the basic infos of the subject like release year, theme, rough overview of the content.
  4. ...have a paragraph that describes the subject in greater detail (only if necessary; small sets that contain just small simple models may not need such a section).
  5. ...have an external links section (sets only)/appearances section (minifigures only)/a complete set list (themes only).
  6. ...must not be tagged with any maintenance templates such as {{redbricks}} or {{brickify}}.


To propose an article for Class 2 (future) article status, see the standard C2 Articles for Rating page.

List of Complete articles

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