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This group is no longer active. It has been merged into the Brickipedia:Quality Check Group.

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The Completeness check group, also known as the CCG Agents, is a group of Brickipedians that are dedicated to the cause of evaluating the quality of Brickipedia articles and decide whether they meet the completeness criteria or not.
Members of this user group must have at least patroller status and can grant completeness status unilateraly. They are also obliged to maintain the Quality control pages and review articles that are proposed for completeness status.


* denotes CCG Agents who are also Imperial Guards.

Get involved!

If you are interested in joining the CCG to give us a hand in our work, you are free to do so after passing a small application process. Contact us on this user group's talk page if you want to apply.

To prove your dedication to the cause as well as your expertise...

  • should have at least patroller rights. If not, you can request them here.
  • should be familiar with the CA criteria and have already proposed articles for completeness status on BP:CAP
  • ...every of your last ten article proposals on BP:CAP must have been approved. Please contact an admin beforehand, so we can keep track of your proposal history.

Please be aware that being a member of this user group only makes sense if you are actually fulfilling the respective obligations.


All forums have been moved to Brickipedia:Quality Check Group