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The following is a guide on how to create your own personalized user signature.

Step 1: Creating a Signature page

A user subpage should be created for your signature. User subpages are created like any other page, however the title of the page is of the form "User:<username>/<name of page you want to create>". It is recommended that you call your subpage "sig", "signature" or any other name which could be used to refer to a signature, so the overall page name would be, for example, [[User:<insert name here>/sig]].

The signature can be coded using HTML, CSS, or any other code which can be commonly used across Wikia. The signature should contain a link to your userpage and/or talk page so that users can easily contact you by simply clicking on your signature. An example of a basic signature code which has also had some color added to it is shown below.

[[User:Username|<font color="orange">Username</font>]] [[User talk:Username|<font color="purple"><sub>talk</sub></font>]]

which would produce:
Username talk

To change the colour of each letter individually, add a code command for each letter:

<span style="color:blue;">W</span><span style="color:red;">O</span><span style="color:green;">R</span><span style="color:yellow;">D</span>

results in: WORD

The following code is not permitted in signatures:

  • Any unclosed tags, eg having a "<font>" tag without corresponding "</font>".
  • Any code which makes the signature extend over one line (eg a <br> or <br/> tag).

Step 2: Creating a second Signature page

The following step is optional, but highly recommended, for the following reasons:

  • When the original signature page is updated, all places where the user has previously signed is updated with the new signature.
  • The original signature code is not displayed when a user edits a page containing the signature, which can often be long.

This page should contain the following code:

{{User:<username>/<name of signature page created in step 1>}}

This user subpage should can be called something along the lines of User:Username/sig1.

Step 3: Fixing Preferences

To set up your signature so that it will be placed wherever you sign by using tildes- three for your signature (ie ~~~) or four for your signature with the current time (ie ~~~~), you must first go to your preferences. Firstly, the "Custom Signature" checkbox should be ticked, then in the "Signature:" field, place the following code:

{{SUBST:User:<username>/<name of subpage from step 2>}}

Or, if you did not carry out step 2:

{{SUBST:User:<username>/<name of subpage from step 1>}}

Please note that the changes to your preferences will affect your signature on every wiki which you edit on, and you will need a page by the same name as the one you have put into your preferences on every wiki you sign on for a signature to appear.

If all goes well, "~~~" and "~~~~" should produce the customized signature which you have created.

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