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The Custom Quality Moderators, also known as the Shadow Knights, is a panel of Brickipedians who review and monitor articles in the Custom namespace.

The following are duties of the Customs/Custom Quality Moderators:

  1. Review all Featured Custom nominations and either A) approve or B) reject them in a vote, based on the quality and adherence to FC criteria of the article, using the oppose and/or CQM Technical Check sections where appropriate.
  2. Strike unnecessary or irrelevant objections from the FC nomination page. Members of the CQM have the power to strike objections on the Featured Custom candidates page provided the objection has been addressed and the original objector has been absent for at least a week after an "objection addressed" comment is left on the FC candidates page. Additionally, FC objections can be struck by the Customs/Custom Quality Moderators (as well as by any admin) if they do not fall under one of the rules.
  3. Review and possibly remove status from an article. CQM members also have the ability to strip an article of FC or AC status, but only with approval of at least three members.
  4. Review nominations for article ratings, and either A) approve or B) reject them.
  5. Delete custom pages after one week of unacceptabilty.


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