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This is a list of nominations which were not successful for the Customiser of the Month award. Many of these nominations had a positive number of votes, but were outvoted by another user. Usernames are in order of vote score for the month, with the highest scored failed nomination first. The month is the month the vote was held in.

Month Nominee(s)
November 2013 LEGOCyborg12
August 2013 Mr.Brix, NuffSaid, Saburo954
February 2013 NuffSaid1995, ErkelonJay
November 2012 Wertys761
August 2012 Wertys761, CM4S
July 2012 Awesomeknight1234, Jeyo, Wertys761, 1999bug (disqualified due to user recently being CoTM)
February 2012 Darth henry, 1999bug
December 2011 Darth henry, Berrybrick
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