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The month is the month they were Customizer of the Month, not the month the vote was held in.

Month Winner
December 2013 PaatrickSt789
November 2013 LEGOlas
August 2013 ToaMeiko
March 2013 ErkelonJay
February 2013 Omega X.23
January 2013 Awesomeknight1234
December 2012 SuperSpyX
November 2012 Legoindy7734
September 2012 CM4S
August 2012 Jeyo
July 2012 Cligra
June 2012 CzechMate
May 2012 LSCStealthNinja
April 2012 1999bug
March 2012 Berrybrick
February 2012 Power Jim
January 2012 Agent Fuse
December 2011 Clone gunner commander jedi