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This is Brickipedia's Manual of Requirements for customs. All customs articles need to meet these minimum standards, or be subject to deletion.

  • All articles should contain correct spelling, punctuation, capital letters and language structure.
    • The variant of English used (US or UK) is left up to the writer of the article, however the choice should remain consistent throughout the custom article.
  • Every article should have an infobox - either {{CustomSet}}, {{CustomMinifigure}}, {{CustomTheme}} or {{CustomVideoGame}}. Mainspace infoboxes should not be used under any circumstances.
  • Every article must have at least one image of the custom depicted. A custom without an image is not a custom. Please note that images of an official set or minifigure do not count as an image of a custom.
  • If an image is of a custom set, an image of the set itself must be depicted, not just of the set's minifigures.
  • Don't use fictional set numbers; these can be confusing for readers. However, such a number is permitted within the article itself.
  • Avoid using terms like "upcoming" that indicate that the set might be official.
  • Do not use non-LEGO images, unless it is text for your promotional poster, etc.

Theme articles

  • Any custom themes must have at least two valid set and/or minifigure articles contained within it, and these sets and/or minifigures linked to.
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