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Brickipedia has a Discord server that is available for any of its members to join and to use. The server can be accessed here. The server is moderated by the wiki's administration.


The guidelines for the discord server are simple:

  • Be normal
  • Be nice
  • Be appropriate

Although those three should be sufficient, there are a few generally accepted rules of etiquette:

  • Stay on topic - If there is an active discussion, don't interrupt with a completely unrelated topic, unless it's something that needs immediate attention. Joking around is allowed and encouraged, but don't interfere with serious discussions.
  • Nothing controversial - Steer clear of political or religious topics. They can ignite flame wars very easily.
  • Don't make sexist, racist, ableist, or any other discriminatory remarks.
  • Don't advertise. This includes advertising other servers without express permission from administrators.
  • Don't link to external sites, videos or images that contain content like that listed above unless you have the expressed consent of all users who would be able to access it.
  • Use common sense
  • Don't solicit users for personal information - This includes name, address, gender, age, email addresses, and passwords.
  • Avoid making other users feel uncomfortable or offended. If another user is made uncomfortable or is offended by something done in chat, although what was done was not against any rule directly, the topic, mention, or whatever caused the user to feel uncomfortable or offended should not be discussed or spoken of while that user may see it, as long as it is reasonable to prohibit such things being said, mentioned, or discussed.