According to the last community vote, a featured article must...

  1. ...follow the Manual of Style in all aspects.
  2. ...have at least one well-written original paragraph describing what the article is about.
  3. ...have a concise lead section that summarizes the topic and prepares the reader for the detail in the subsequent sections.
  4. ...have several relevant section headings and considerable content (continuous text) in the respective sections.
  5. complete in a way so that it does not neglect any major facts or details and constitutes a detailed description/overview/presentation of the subject in question.
  6. ...have its infoboxes filled out completely, or as best as potentially possible.
  7. unbiased and written from a neutral point of view.
  8. ...contain several relevant images, apart from the one in the infobox, that are placed within the text, in addition to pictures in a gallery.
  9. ...not be tagged with improvement messages, since the FA should already comply with the MoS and be both complete and neutral.
  10. ...not be about an as yet unreleased set, minifigure or theme.