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Active threads
The big MoS/MoR/Rating forum06:35, 6 July 2020Kilmarnock228
Categories04:13, 28 June 2019Toa Kopaka Nuva
LEGO Parts Page Names17:51, 13 October 2016Christian Sirolli
Move20:51, 3 May 2016Josephyr
New Templates09:18, 30 September 2014Robin Patterson
Image Category Issue12:04, 31 May 2014Tu-Sais-Qui
Custom Lego Movie Video02:38, 5 February 2014ToaMatau2004
Minifigure View Tab Suggestion03:49, 23 January 2014Newsbreaker123
On The Use of Outside Images22:29, 17 November 2013Pranciblad
Format for CMFs23:25, 21 October 2013Berrybrick
Removing inactive bureaucrats03:40, 17 October 2013C886553
RfR policies07:28, 7 September 2013Captain Jag
Official Friends15:55, 2 May 2013Simpel78
Idea11:25, 3 April 2013Chris Midget
Next Logo23:17, 31 December 2012Stormjay Rider
Does anybody know why...18:52, 11 December 2012UltrasonicNXT
Current coding problems22:41, 20 November 2012NightblazeSaber
Topic Last edit Last author
Forums awaiting closure
Forum23:39, 5 September 2013C886553
Personal use images19:46, 3 September 2013NBP3.0
Community forum archiving policy19:02, 31 August 2013CJC95
Mat.9615:29, 31 August 2013ToaMeiko-fduser
How to advertise for Brickimedia without getting banned13:16, 24 April 2013CzechMate
Alliances, part 221:45, 9 April 2013Chris Midget
Move/Archive01:50, 29 March 2013Klagoer
Name change17:24, 12 February 2013Legoboy9373
User files14:08, 6 February 2013C886553
QC member logos04:28, 6 February 2013LSCStealthNinja
Lego Popularity page12:42, 1 February 2013SuperSpyX
New YearTable01:56, 28 January 2013Captain Jag
Peter Jackson17:19, 24 January 2013UltrasonicNXT
An even newer parts numbering system15:35, 19 January 2013UltrasonicNXT
Forum Policies?01:18, 8 January 2013NightblazeSaber
Review & Customs QCG23:49, 7 January 2013NightblazeSaber
LEGOLAND thing for you all to ignore23:44, 7 January 2013NightblazeSaber
TV Show Episode Referencing23:37, 7 January 2013NightblazeSaber
Categories II: The Sequel17:38, 5 January 2013CJC95
Spelling16:04, 29 December 2012UltrasonicNXT
Sitenotice18:54, 21 December 2012Captain Jag
Non-existing categories11:23, 1 December 2012CJC95
New Template22:17, 21 November 2012NightblazeSaber
LEGO Writing Vs. Office & School Supplies22:43, 20 November 2012NightblazeSaber
The Dark Knight Rises22:43, 20 November 2012NightblazeSaber
Names of merchandise themes22:43, 20 November 2012NightblazeSaber
UNOFFICIAL NUMBERS22:42, 20 November 2012NightblazeSaber
Topic Last edit Last author
MoS threads
Date Format06:01, 8 September 2013CzechMate
Italicised Classic Theme Names17:34, 5 August 2013ToaMeiko-fduser
Tense to use in date articles22:46, 13 February 2013BrickfilmNut
New Requirements17:38, 28 December 2012Berrybrick
Topic Last edit Last author
Archived threads
New CheckUser(s) - July 201316:22, 3 September 2013Berrybrick
"Alliances"03:33, 6 February 2013NightblazeSaber
Interested in testing new forums?23:44, 7 January 2013NightblazeSaber
ThemeTable23:44, 7 January 2013NightblazeSaber
New parts numbering system23:43, 7 January 2013NightblazeSaber
A messy Wiki22:51, 4 January 2013NightblazeSaber
New location for forums22:11, 7 December 2012C886553
New rating02:19, 3 December 2012C886553
Checkuser02:18, 3 December 2012C886553
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