Brickipedia:Forum/Image Category Issue

I noticed this problem a while ago, but it wasn't until uploading some images earlier today that I noticed the scale of this issue. For many image categories, there is a duplicate category with a nearly-identical name, such as Category:Friends images and Category:Friends Images or Category:Book images and Category:Book Images (the latter of which I eliminated manually earlier today), with the only difference in name being the capitalization of the word "images". In addition to wanting to point out that this is an issue (there are some cases where each category has dozens of images and, as such, cannot be fixed easily), I wanted to ask whether or not "images" should be capitalized so that, in the event I come across any duplicates with a small enough number of images to be eliminated, I can get rid of the right one. So, which one should be used? I'm assuming the "images" one as a result of a conversation with Bug as well as some inductive reasoning, but it's so inconsistent that I want to make sure. -- BrickfilmNut Productions!

CJC95 involved this issue in a forum he made. The decision has been to use the lowercase categories, I believe.

Jeyo Lord VladekTalk The Forge 03:26, January 31, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks. :) Now I at least have a better idea of what needs to be fixed. -- BrickfilmNut Productions!

Oh, another thing I forgot to mention are cases like Category:Legends of Chima Images, where there is no duplicate category but the sole category's name is wrong ("images" should be lowercase). Also, this category has 178 files, so, yeah, it's not an easy task to move them all over to the correctly-named category. :S Should we get some bots made for cases like this? Or is there another fast way? -- BrickfilmNut Productions!

Category:Star Wars Images - 1418 images :P Jag 18:44, February 1, 2013 (UTC)
And yeah, most of the bots currently set up should be able to do it. Jag 18:46, February 1, 2013 (UTC)
I sure can bot it, no problem. - nxt
  • I was holding off finishing my category thing for a weeks depending on various events. ~ CJC 17:41, February 4, 2013 (UTC)