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Brickipedia is, at its core, an encyclopaedia of everything relating to LEGO and LEGO products. As such, at our core we want accessible, free content that is easy to find and use.

  • Wikia prevents us from achieving this basic aim by forcing on us a bad, non-functional skin. No matter what you may think of Oasis, it does not meet our needs - too much advertising and not enough content, and very few possibilities for infrastructure outside of the top NavBar.
  • On our own hosting, we can design our own skin and have our own advertising. The skin is currently completed, and is based on the Vector skin used by Wikipedia. We will limit any advertising to one ad along the side, to ensure that it is not taking away from the content. We are also looking at displaying only LEGO ads, which would be obviously nice for us, and our viewers.

Brickipedia also desires to have high-quality articles.

  • On Wikia, there is virtually no way of making this happen - the badge system we have promotes mainly bad edits, there are no regular contests aimed at rewarding those who contribute to the content, and there is no effective way of rating the content which is made.
  • On our own hosting, we hope to change all of that. The awards will be manually given to those deserving of them via the SocialProfile extension, there will (after some point of gaining revenue) be contests for content editing with real rewards, and we will be using the Article Rating Extension to effectively display the rating of a page, and maintain better lists of which articles need improvement, etc.

Brickipedia isn't just an encyclopedia, we are also a community. We like to interact and grow, and even that is limited here:

  • Forums - Wikia's new forums are admittedly alright. However, we will have a real forum on the new site.
  • Chat - We are looking into a replacement for chat, but this is a harder one to find. Wikia's chat is good, so we will still be linking to it from the new project, and there will be a link back from it. This is simple link-sharing courtesy, which I'm sure the community of the new LEGO Wikia here will approve.
  • Users - Many people on other sites, such as Eurobricks or Brickset do not use or contribute to Brickipedia on this site. Since we are on Wikia, we're stereotyped to be unreliable and full of young, and sometimes immature editors. When we move, we'll be able to moderate who uses the wiki a bit better, hopefully making a significant increase in article quality, along with making a friendlier interface with easy features and less intrusive advertisements.
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