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I've noticed that there are several categories used on pages that don't actually exist. An example is. Should these category pages be made, or should all the pages under these categories be removed from the categories?

BobaFett12d Talk [[Special:Editcount/BobaFett12d|Special:Editcount/BobaFett12d edits!]] - In Range. Take a Shot. 02:27, November 29, 2012 (UTC)

  • In the case of the category Classic Star Wars, I'd create it. - Jeyo
  • Depends on the circumstances. - CJC95
  • So, um about Classic Star Wars, could I get a little more feedback on whether to undo what I did and make the category, or continue sweeping them? - BobaFett12D
    • If it is a sub theme, I see no reason why not to have a category (and if you want people to comment on Classic Star Wars, maybe mention it in the OP...) - CJC95