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Hey editors and admins, I have a few times (not very professionally) edited the Peter Jackson has been removed twice...I won't write it again, but would someone please put in that Peter Jackson had a carrot and a trophy as a corsair pirate on the Black Ships. I have played the videogame and I saw him with those...would someone please put that in, because if I do, someone's gonna delete it again. Thanks...I just want this wiki to be accurate, because it helped me find out a lot about LEGO last year. I don't want to cause any trouble.  :) - Jcorcs

  • After a bit of investigation - to make it clear to other users - the article was not deleted, just the phrase Jcorcs added. See this diff, undone by RaceLord with no comment. (I don't know enough about the subject to pass comment, but just clearing it up.) - nxt
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