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With the Legends of Chima show being released soon, and our lack of progress on the Ninjago series (Let's face it, the articles need some work), I decided we could use some episode referencing. Here is an old template (out of use) I figured we could word with:

<ref>{{Cite episode |title= |episodelink= |series= |serieslink= |airdate= |season=  |number=}}</ref>

I know a user who is willing to help with all of the referencing for every show, and has decent wiki experience. I just need some help with the "Cite Episode" template, and actually making the reference. I also didn't know if there is any reason why we shouldn't overhaul our articles on TV Shows (Fabuland, Ninjago, Star Wars specials, etc.) Can use help, please respond! Thanks. -NBP 00:37, December 16, 2012 (UTC)