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Project summary

This section lists the articles related to this month's ID project together with a small rating icon to give you an idea of the article's status.

Rating-5-glossy Class 5: This article needs immediate attention (stubs, deletion requests etc.)
Rating-4-glossy Class 4: Articles that are (or should be) tagged with maintenance requests and have only few original content, are list-only articles or are not MoS-compliant.
Rating-3-glossy Class 3: Articles that are acceptable but could still need some work (MoS-compliant articles that still lack info or articles that have a lot of content but are not MoS-compliant)
Rating-2-glossy Class 2: These articles are complete
Rating-1-glossy Class 1: This is a good article
Rating-fa-glossy Featured: This article has gained featured status

Article discussions

Discuss changes and improvements to a specific article on the respective talk page listed below. General discussion about the current month's project should take place on this project's talk page

TopicLast editLast author
ID/Current project19:44, June 19, 2011Skdhjf


Existing articles

This overview is used to track the recent changes made to articles related to this month's project.

ArticleLast editLast author
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