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Many of Brickipedia's infoboxes such as the set infobox have the ability to have colors assigned to it- these colors are applied when a theme has been entered into the infobox. Since this feature is relatively new, not all themes currently have colors assigned. This page is for nominating and voting on these color schemes. Please only nominate themes which have been released or images of the final box art of the theme have been released. Renominations may also be made on this page, and will be successful if the vote count for the new theme is significantly higher than the original votes. However, the focus is currently on establishing a color for each theme.

Note: Successful nominations are at Brickipedia:Infobox Colors.

If you want to make a new suggestion, please use the following syntax, including filling out the template below:

===Suggestion #1 (+1)===
{{Infobox color test
|Image =
|Title color=
|Main color=
|White title text?(Y/N)=
|Theme =

Any renominations for articles should follow a similar syntax, however the title should indicate that this is a renomination, a link should be provided to the original colors, and an option to vote for keeping the current color scheme should also be present.