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Welcome to the Community Messages Area! Here you can find out all the latest information regarding Brickipedia including new features, the latest discussions and more!

If you plan on editing here then we suggest that you change to the source editor. Also, if you haven't already, may we ask that you take a moment to view our Policies. It may be a good idea to review the policies every now and again because they do occasionally change. If you need any help, then please feel free to contact an Administrator.

Even if you have read our policy, please make note of some policy reminders that are constantly having to be issued:

  • All images uploaded must be posted to an article within an hour.
  • All set, theme and minifigure articles must have an infobox containing an image of the subject (unless none can be sourced), an introduction, a description (a description is also needed for sets if one is available), categories and ideally a gallery.
  • Even though they are the creation of a user, customs articles must still meet the standards set for customs. That includes having categories relating to customs and an infobox containing an image of the custom.

If you intend to use the live chat feature, then please not that the public chat is logged. All logs are freely viewable here. Brickipedia also now has a Discord Server, which hosts official channels for a number of other LEGO Wikis. As a result, we ask that you conduct yourself maturely and within our chat rules if you plan on joining the server.

We have discussions enabled for Brickipedia, but you can still view and use the forums.

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