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News Blog

The Brickipedia News Blog is an attempt to keep Brickipedians up-to-date with the weeks LEGO news and upcoming events. An issue is released every few days - to a week. All issues are archived here.

Publishing process

The publishing process for the Brickipedia News Blog is simple, but highly organized due to the large amount of news we will receive.

There are three steps to the creation of a news article:

  • Reporting - A user finds a recent or announced LEGO event that comes from a canonical source (ideally, The LEGO Group itself). He/she posts a link to the source on the reports page, along with his/her dated signature.
  • Writing - Another user sees the report and starts writing an article at the articles page. The style of the writing should be similar to that of any ordinary Brickipedia article — calm, neutral, and factual. Others users may help the writer out as necessary.
  • Publishing - Yet another user sees the newly written article and decides that it is ready for publishing. He/she then posts it on this page.

The reporter, writer, and publisher can be all different people, or all the same. The three are not user groups, but volunteers who take on different steps in the process.


To report a story, post below in the following format:

* Theme - What it is about - date of publishing or discovery, [link source_name] - {{u|reporter}}

For example:

  • Star Wars - Lego Star Wars is net sensation - 24/10/2011, The Sun - Kingcjc

Please submit your reports here.

Current & future events

Noted below is a list of future events. These should be placed on the news blog if relevant, please add to the list with a source.


Please submit your articles, based on either a report above or your own source (please link to it) on the link below:

Brickipedia:News blog/articles

Remember to include any images you would include and your username so you can be credited. It may be adapted before being published on a blog.

Publishing the blog

The blog will be published at an irregular interval, whenever there is enough current news to merit it. All current reports and articles should be included in the blog, and, after they have been, they should be removed from their respective pages. If a major news piece comes along shortly after a News Blog has been created, it should be added to the blog, instead of placed in a new one.

What counts as a News Blog?

Anybody can make a blog, and call it a "News Blog", but that doesn't mean it's an official Brickinews blog. For a blog to be made official, it must be properly categorized, professional, and written from a neutral point of view. If you have written a blog of news and would like it to be made into an official News Blog, please contact ToaMatau2004. Any non-official news blogs using the BrickiNewsHeader template will have it removed immediately.

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