Official Friends are websites that Brickipedia endorses and links to on its main page.

Making a Request[]

Before making an official friends request, your site should:

  • Be primarily about LEGO
  • Already have some degree of activity or interest from LEGO fans.

Additionally, since this is intended as a two-way relationship, once an official friend request is approved, you are expected to link to Brickipedia (htts://, and place this link somewhere relatively easy to find on your site. Failure to do so is likely to have your official friend status revoked.

To make a request, please copy the following code, fill out the appropriate sections and add it to the bottom of the page. Please note that you should only make a request if you are an owner, administrator, or webmaster of a site, and have the site's approval to make such a request.

'''User requesting official friend status:''' ~~~~

'''Comments from user requesting official friend status:''' (your comments here)


Voting will last for a period of two weeks. For a request to pass, it must be supported by the majority of voters.

Lego City Adventures[]

User requesting official friend status: - Bananaplanet (contact/contribs) 09:52, 8 February 2022 (UTC) Comments from user requesting official friend status: I have already request this site on this wiki, but it removed (idk why:v).




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