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If your child visits Brickipedia on a regular basis, we highly recommend that you read this page for the safety of your child

Welcome to the Parents area of Brickipedia.

Here at Brickipedia we care about your child's safety and therefore strive to do our best to ensure that your child's experience here is a child friendly environment to learn and (if you are aged 13 or over) contribute to.


Brickipedia is a wiki owned by Wikia, Inc. This wiki is a source of information on LEGO products, customs and reviews only. For more information about us, please see here.


This site is not hosted, owned, operated or endorsed by or the The LEGO Group.

Because of this, this site doesn't operate like, therefore we cannot guarantee that the content your child sees is appropriate for his or her age group. Here at Brickipedia we do have several administrators who check the Wiki for inappropriate content posted by other users. These administrators are to remove any inappropriate content on encounter.

If you have any questions about our policies or anything else, please feel free to ask in the forums, or contact one of our administrators here.


Due to the site being a wiki, at any time after your first edit anyone can try to contact you via your talk page whether you have an account or not. Although other users may leave you a message on your talk page, you are not forced to respond or reply to the message if you do not wish.

We also have several other forms of communication which are only available to those with an account. These include chat and user blogs.


Some key policies we recommend that you inform your child of are listed below:


Disclaimer: The administrators will not be held responsible for the viewing of inappropriate material by your child or yourself, however they will do their best to remove this material and prevent the perpetrator from causing any further damage.

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