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I'm not sure how [1] qualifies as complete. It's almost entirely a list. The description isn't really long enough, and there could be another section about it or two. What say the rest of you? BobaFett Talk Adventure logo MOCPages Group (Click) 15:48, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

  • I've read this entry a million times, but haven't commented because I really just don't know what to think, sorry. NightblazeSaber 07:01, September 30, 2011 (UTC)
  • Yeah, I agree with you Fett. There isn't much content apart from the diary, which must've been copy-pasted. - nxt
  • Needs more orginal content --Berrybrick (Talk) 19:31, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
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