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Thank you for considering volunteering as an administrator here on Brickipedia! Before you do, however, please go through the following list to make sure that your request will pass.

  • Have you been on Brickipedia for more than a few months, and made a few thousand contributions to articles here?

The number of article contributions can vary in successful candidates, but in general a few thousand are wanted so that everyone knows how dedicated the candidate is to Brickipedia.

Good candidates for adminship are active in discussing what matters to Brickipedia.

  • Do you revert vandalism when you see it, or tag pages for deletion?

Administrator candidates are expected to show some need for the tools, and this can be demonstrated by being active in areas which require them. This includes tagging pages for deletion or reporting vandalism for removal.

  • Are you bothered?

An admin should go out of their way to help Brickipedia. Making a small fix to an article, even though you're concentrating on something else in an example of this.

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