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Thank you for considering volunteering as an chat moderator here on Brickipedia! Before you do, however, please go through the following list to make sure that your request will pass.

  • Have you been on Brickipedia for more than a few months, and made one hundred contributions to articles here?

The number of article contributions can vary in successful candidates, but in general a few hundred are wanted so that everyone knows how dedicated the candidate is to Brickipedia.

  • Do you regularly participate responsibly on chat?

Good candidates for chat moderators are active on chat and who are helpful, responsible, and know how to use the rights. Most users who have never been banned tend to do better.

  • Do you already try your hardest to make chat a better place?

A chat moderator should go out of their way to help Brickipedia chat. Helping out, keeping everyone happy, not fighting or spamming, etc.

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