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Every registered user on Wikia has the ability to create their own userpage on Brickipedia. Your userpage should be located at User:<username>.

How you make your userpage is up to you, but some templates for userpages have been developed on Brickipedia solely to be used on userpages:

  • Template:User: This template produces an infobox similar to most of our infoboxes on the wiki, but also allows you to customise the field names to your liking. This is the only kind of mainspace infobox that should appear in your userspace.
  • Userboxes: Several small "boxes", called userboxes, have been created for users to place on their userpages. To see all of the userboxes that Brickipedia has to offer (along with usage instructions), see Brickipedia:Userboxes. Template:Userbox may also be used if you wish to create your own custom userbox.
    • You may have to type the code {{clear}} after a userbox to get them aligned the way you want to.
  • If you intend on writing a review at Brickipedia:Reviews, you should set up a review profile on the page User:<username>/ReviewerProfile. You will need to follow the instructions at Template:ReviewerProfile to set this up. The profile will then show up on all of your reviews.

Another popular thing to have on userpage are polls. These can be created by using the following code:

<poll>Add your question here
Add option 1 here
Option 2 here
Option 3, etc.. you can have as many options as you like

Please note that changing the code in any part of a poll will reset the current results.

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