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Wikia maintains several statistical details about each wiki and its users. Most are on "Special" pages, which are listed in various groups at Special:Specialpages (which you can have on your "My Tools" menu if you are logged in):

  • Special:ListUsers - user name, groups, edits, last-logged-in, and last-edited; you can select checkboxes to filter by groups such as "Patrollers"
  • Special:SemanticStatistics - on 6 September 2014, for example, this page said: "This wiki contains 735,610 property values for a total of 91 different properties. 80 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 78 of those..."
  • Special:Statistics - articles, total pages, uploaded files, page edits, active users (those who have edited in the last 30 days)
  • Special:WikiStats - monthly counts of articles, images, videos, and registered editors (filtered in 3 ways); in August 2014, for example, there were 392 editors, 12 of whom made more than 100 edits each, and by the end of the month the wiki had 39,368 articles, 43,612 images, and 477 videos

"Top" recently-active contributors

Quantity is not everything, but anyone who has made a few thousand edits on a wiki can be expected to be developing a high regard for quality.

Recently-active users with over 1,000 total edits

These users have made over 1,000 edits each, including at least five since 1 July this year, as at 6 September 2014:

Three of those users each made over 15 edits in July 2014 but none since; one hopes that they resume!

Top ten of the above

27,836CJC95Three edits in July 2014 and three in August
8,037ToaMatau2004Recently promoted bureaucrat; Brickipedian of the Month in January 2014
7,594Tu-Sais-QuiShe has made over 57,000 edits on and over 19,000 on fr.sorcellerieinfo.wikia (about Harry Potter).
6,209Saburo9546,209 edits in 17 months is a great work rate
6,147Stormjay Rider"Retired editor"
5,9181999bug"not active right now"
5,473DjgourhanFavourite page is Marvel
4,557Shadowwarrior016Lego enthusiast who has never been out of Australia
4,524LEGOCyborg12"I Live in Croatia and i am crazy about LEGO"
3,684DocDoom2Administrator and "Evil Mastermind and Latveria's Ambassador"
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