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The Infobox System - How to add an Infobox Colour

Many of Brickipedia's infoboxes can change colour according to the theme stated. This function relies on a number of templates.


The arrows point to the templates used in that page.

First of all, we have our article. Most articles use infoboxes, so be aware that changes made on subsequent templates will impact a lot of pages.

Then, an Infobox. For a full list of infoboxes, see Category:Infobox templates. Almost all the infoboxes use either {{Infobox}} or {{Infobox2}} (the only one that doesn't is {{Part}}).

Each infobox relies on up to four other templates. The first one, which creates the actuall infobox is either {{Infobox}} or {{Infobox2}}. For infomation on how these two templates work, see here. The infoboxes which take colours will rely on three more templates: {{Header}}, specifies the header colour; {{Background}}, specifies the background colour; and {{TitleTextColour}}, specifies the colour of the title text. For infomation on how these three templates work, see here.

{{GetTheme}} Is used by the three colour template above. It translates the input from the infobox into a code used by these templates. For infomation on how this template works, see here.

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