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Userbox Nominated by Date nominated Votes Status
Gamer This user plays LEGO video games.
NightblazeSaberJanuary 25, 20133/2Failed ({{User gamer}} remains unchanged)
Speedor This user collects Speedorz.
Brikkyy13January 19, 20136/0{{User speedorz}}
Ninjago lloyd This user collects Ninjago LEGO.
Brikkyy13January 18, 20131/3Failed ({{user ninjago}} remains unchanged)
The LEGO Book This user reads LEGO books.
Brikkyy13January 18, 20136/0{{user books}}
21111 This user collects Ninjago Spinners.
Brikkyy13 (Original nominator)
ErkelonJay (Modified version)
January 17, 20135/1{{user spinners}}
LEGO The Hobbit This user collects The Hobbit LEGO.
NightblazeSaberJanuary 17, 20138/0{{user hobbit}}
LEGO TMNT This user collects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LEGO.
NightblazeSaberJanuary 17, 20136/0{{user TMNT}}
TLR logo This user likes The Lone Ranger LEGO.
NightblazeSaberJanuary 17, 20132/1Failed
Lego cars 2 This user collects Cars LEGO.
NightblazeSaberJanuary 17, 20133/0{{user cars}}
Userbox This user enjoys making their own custom userboxes.
Brikkyy13January 17, 20131/3Failed
GalaxySquadlogo This user collects Galaxy Squad LEGO.
CzechMateJanuary 10, 20137/0{{User GS}}
CHIMA logo2 This user collects Legends of Chima LEGO.
TheBakonBitzJanuary 3, 20137/0{{User LOC}}
Creator Logo 2 This user collects Creator LEGO.
BrickfilmnutNovember 22, 20136/0{{User creator}}
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