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The Brickster's Henchmen are minifigures from Island Xtreme Stunts.

Behind the Scenes

According to the Playstation Version 0.9 Design Document for Island Xtreme Stunts (Video Game), they were the henchmen of the Bad Guy (Played by The Brickster) in COOL MOVIE and apart of the Blue Hand Gang. They were supposed to be Brickster-Bots in costumes, however it is unknown if this is still the case in the final game. This is a description taken from the Island Xtreme Stunts Playstation 2 Design Document v0.9. Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

In COOL MOVIE, The Blue Hand Gang are Bad Guy’s (Brickster’s) henchmen, although they really aren’t much improvement on the Brickster-bots... They are an assortment of battered criminals dressed in convict-style clothing or dungarees, similar to the way the Brickster looks, but each has a different face and their own particular peculiarity, such as eye patches or scars.

The Blue Hand Gang is played by the Brickster-bots. During a sub-game intro/outro cut scene, a member of the Blue Hand Gang will be shown pulling off his LEGO mini-fig head. As the head comes off, a square Brickster-bot head boings out of it, reshaping itself as it is released from the confinement of the regular shaped head.

The Blue Hand Gang is part of the COOL MOVIE world, but Pepper may occasionally run into one of the gang members on LEGO Island. If Pepper speaks to a gang member, he will remove his mini-fig head and reveal himself to be a Brickster-bot underneath!


Older Henchman (Bandana/Neck Bracket)Older Henchman (Knit Cap)Younger Henchman



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