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This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Brickster-Bots are the robotic henchmen of The Brickster, that originate from Ogel Island. They live at the construction site and have stolen wheels from Nubby Stevens, blown off papa's hat, and push you away in the video game Island Xtreme Stunts.

The Brickster-Bots originally appeared in the video game 5774 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, acting as common recurring enemies on the stages on LEGO Island. Throughout the game there are certain types of Brickster-Bots, as some can have coloured heads (red, blue, yellow or green), rather than them being just grey. They can be stunned by throwing pizzas at them or hitting them with a double pizza splat, and their heads are then collected by Pepper when he gets close to them, though visually the Brickster-Bots appear to just vanish.

In the Game Boy Color version of LEGO Island 2, Pepper shoots pizzas at them from a handheld Pizza Chukka. Initially this simply stuns the Brickster-Bots briefly, but an upgraded Pizza Chukka given to Pepper by a Forestman on Castle Island makes their heads explode, causing them to collapse into a pile of pieces.

The Brickster-Bots also appeared in Island Xtreme Stunts, where they mostly caused mischief around the island and aided in filming the movie Xtreme Stunts. Throwing pizzas at them stuns them, while landing a double pizza splat on them while they aren't stunned defeats them completely.

Six Brickster-Bots also appeared in the video game Soccer Mania, as the penultimate team to face off, as they stand between the player's team, and the Brickster's personal team.


Brickster-Bots were more complex in their conceptual stages than they were in the final version of Brickster’s Revenge. Originally they were going to hold islanders like Darren, the DJ, and Dr. Clickitt hostage and Pepper would have to defeat the Brickster-Bots to rescue the hostages. Pepper was going to have more phrases to utter while hitting or missing the Brickster-Bots, suggesting that combat was probably going to be more complicated; the Infomaniac would have told Pepper to click on a Brickster-Bot’s head after he rescued Dr. Clickitt. An unimplemented conversation between the DJ and Pepper revealed that the initial plan regarding the music idea was to use the radio to lure the Brickster-Bots to the police station, and Pepper would have to continually pick up batteries to keep the radio charged. Capturing the red-headed Brickster-Bot would have also provided the phase-adjusted power supply for the Infomaniac’s mainframe. Defeating another Brickster-Bot would have supplied the Infomaniac with the materials that he needed to design a holo projector booster (for telecommunicating with Pepper). Another Brickster-Bot would have detected Constructopedia pages at any distance, and another would have had the ability to detect and track Pepper’s presence.[1]


  • In LEGO Island 2 and Soccer Mania, Brickster-Bots have hands that are closer to hexagon shapes, while normal minifigures have round hands in those games.
  • In the PS1 version of LEGO Island 2, the color variations have the colors on their shirts rather than their heads.
  • LEGO Island 2 they had 1x1 plates attached to their feet, which rocket boosters seemed to be embedded into, allowing them to fly. In Island Xtreme Stunts and the box art for Soccer Mania, the 1x1 plates were removed from the design, though they still have boosters in their feet.
  • Their cube shaped heads are very similar to the Clockwork Robot. It is likely their head shape was used as some inspiration.


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