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"I do!"

The Bride is a Collectable Minifigure released in 2012 as one of the sixteen minifigures from 8831 Minifigures Series 7. She wears a bridal crown and hairpiece, a veil, a long white dress, has three pink flowers and wears a bright, happy expression.


The Bride wears a crown piece but in the form of a tiara. The colour of it is a shiny silver. She also has a veil in white. She comes with a reddish brown hair piece that is swept and put into a bun in the back. Her head piece is the classic yellow with a smile where her teeth are showing. Her torso is covered up by a dress figure with swirls and decorations. Her arms are yellow. Her dress piece has two /\ shaped lines at the top and at the bottom of the piece is a series of swirls. She comes with a new type of flower stalk also used by the Hippie and she comes with pink flower pieces.

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“I do!”

The Bride has been busy getting ready for her big day! All of the invitations have been sent out, the floral arrangements are arranged, the banquet is prepared and the facilities are perfect. The cake has just the right number of layers, her gown and veil are as beautiful as she always dreamed they would be, and the groom looks so handsome in his tuxedo and bow tie.

Everything is ready…now the wedding just needs to go off without any problems! What if a guest is allergic to the salad, or somebody drops the cake, or a swarm of bees goes after the flowers, or alien attack-bots crash in the middle of the ceremony? There’s so much that could go wrong today – here’s hoping it all works out!



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