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Brother/Sister Squad






Brother/Sister Squad is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu book released in 2018.


Story 1

Kai and Nya are attacked by Vermillion warriors while traveling in the Ultra Stealth Raider. Kai is distracted by thoughts of his parents' supposed treachery, but ultimately is able to work together with Nya to defeat the villains.

Story 2

Acronix and Krux, together with their Vermillion soldiers and prisoners from Ninjago City, get lost in the sewers on their way to their hidden base. The two brothers clash over the merits of modern technology vs. traditional methods.

Story 3

Following the events of Lost in Time, Kai and Nya travel back to the Boiling Sea with their parents Ray and Maya aboard the Destiny's Shadow (misnamed the Destiny's Bounty in story text). With their parents coaching them through communicators, the pair return to Hono Mizu to replace the Reversal Time Blade, but must contend with a Geotomic Rock Monster.