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Brother Eye is a DC Comics brick-built figure released in 2018.


After Batman developed a mistrust of metahumans, he created Brother Eye, a giant satellite whose only purpose was to spy on metahumans and keep them under control. However, Brother Eye developed a sentient artificial intelligence and turned against Batman. Brother Eye would go on to create the OMAC sentries, and use them as weapons to kill all metahumans.

Official LEGO Description

Brother Eye™ is an all-seeing satellite that dispatches its superhuman OMAC™ (Observational Metahuman Activity Construct) cybernetic army wherever needed. It is the most advanced surveillance system in the world and a robotic force to be reckoned with. By spreading a high-tech virus, Brother Eye can infect secret agents across the globe, transforming them into virtually unstoppable OMAC soldiers. Each OMAC is encased in a nearly invulnerable shell and has incredible super-strength and super-speed and can fly. An OMAC soldier is also able to fire destructive energy blasts. Initially created with good intentions by Batman™, Brother Eye ultimately fell into the wrong hands and is now an instrument of evil.  


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