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Bruce Swift is a City Center minifigure introduced in 1998, with multiple appearances in LEGO Adventures! Magazine comics.


Bruce Swift wears dark green clothes with white sleeves. His torso is decorated with a shirt pocket and a Cargo Express logo. He has the standard smiling face wearing sunglasses.


Bruce Swift is LEGO City's mail man and a driver for Cargo Express. While they are not seen together in the comics, Bruce is stated to be friends with Ben Steer.

In LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 9, Bruce's truck broke down and he couldn't deliver the mail. He called Fay Fixit to fix it, but her brakes failed and she crashed into his truck, destroying them both. Fay called Steve Spanner, who arrived in his own truck, and together they delivered the mail, solving Bruce's problem.

In LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 15, Bruce unintentionally carried The Brickster in his cargo truck while delivering a package.


LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 15. Do not modify it.

Bruce Swift
Cargo Express driver and LEGO City's mail man!


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