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Disney Princess




2014, 2020

Bruno is a dog character from the Disney Princess theme in 2014. He was exclusive to 41055 Cinderella's Romantic Castle set until 2020.


Bruno reuses the Coco single-stud puppy mould introduced for the Friends theme. It features Bruno standing up with his body slightly slanted, and his tail sticks up at the back. He has a rounded head with long hanging ears. He has dark orange fur, blue eyes and black nose. He also has a a smiling mouth.


In the Disney version of the Cinderella's fairy tale, filmed in the animated movie from 1950, Bruno was Cinderella's loyal bloodhound - a present from her father. The dog's mild and friendly nature was constantly provoked by a malicious tomcat called Lucifer. When Fairy Godmother decided to help Cinderella, he was turned into a footman and escorted his mistress to the ball in the pumpkin coach. On the stroke of midnight, when the spell is over, he regained his dog form and went back home. Next day when the herald arrived there with a shoe for every girl to try on, Cinderella stayed locked in a tower, Bruno, who was befriended with a group of mice, managed to defend them from a Lucifer's attack, scaring the cat out of the window, which helped them set Cinderella free. He joined his mistress when she married the prince.


  • In the film Bruno is an adult or even an old dog, although his figure depicts a puppy.
  • According to the LEGO 41055 set description, Bruno has his bed and a bone outside the Prince Charming's castle along with Lucifer. The description also claims that the set depicts the famous ball scene, in which Bruno took a small part but in human form instead of canine one.