Builder (Imperial)

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The Builder is a Pirates minifigure that only appears in 4850307 LEGO Battles.


The Builder has a small mustache and a smirking facial expression. He wears a red bandana, although one Builder is shown with shoulder-length gray hair similar to a Swordsman in the Imperial Act 1 cutscene. His torso is a blue naval jacket with a red trim, similar to the other Imperial Soldiers but without the white cross belt, and he has a brown leather belt with a gold buckle. The Builder carries a small hammer, used for harvesting resources and building bases.


These minifigures are the Builder units of the Imperial army. The Builder has 1/5 strength, 160 life, and 2/5 speed, and costs 55 bricks to build. As Builder units are crucial to building bases and harvesting resources, Builders are playable in most Imperial levels in Story mode.

In the Imperial Act 1 cutscene, two Builders are watching Captain Brickbeard through a spyglass and laughing as he imitates Governor Broadside. They stand at attention whenever the stern Governor approaches them, but start laughing again as he walks away. The unlockable "Imperial Scene 1" concept art depicts the two Builders seen in the Act 1 cutscene.


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