Class 4 article

Building Set with People was a sub-theme of Homemaker. It ran from 1974 to 1977. Most, but not all sets contained some Homemaker Figures (sometimes referred to as Maxi-Figs) and some pieces to build a tiny environment for the figures.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
190-Farm Set.jpg190Farm Set526Homemaker figure (x4) 1975
192-Policemen.jpg192Policemen863 Homemaker Figures 1977
194 Family.jpg194Family943 Homemaker figures 1976
195-Airplane.jpg195Airplane891 Homemaker Figure 1975
196-Antique Car.jpg196Antique Car115Homemaker Figures (2) 1975
197-Farm Vehicle and Animals.jpg197Farm Vehicle and Animals1202 Homemaker Figures 1976
198-Cowboys.jpg198Cowboys392 Homemaker Figures 1977
199-Scooter.jpg199Scooter41 1977
200-1 1105127484.jpg200Family785 Homemaker Figures 1974
208-Mother with Baby Carriage.jpg208Mother with Baby Carriage461 Homemaker Figures, 1 Minifigure 1978
210-Cowboys.jpg210Cowboys392 Homemaker Figures 1976
211-1.jpg211Mother and Baby with Dog462 1976
212 Scooter.jpg212Scooter41 1976
213 Airplane Ride.jpg213Airplane Ride442 Homemaker figures 1977
214-Road Repair.jpg214Road Repair642 Homemaker Figures 1977
215-Red Indians.jpg215Red Indians814 Homemaker Figures 1977
217 Service Station.jpg217Service Station2116 Homemaker Figures 1977
218 Firemen.jpg218Firemen  1977
D4e4o5g414t284r2m274n2f4n4m5s2c4u254r21334x2.jpg232Bungalow4472 1978
250 Aeroplane and Pilot.jpg250Aeroplane and Pilot891 Homemaker Figure 1974
252.jpg252Locomotive - Driver and Passenger1152 Homemaker Figure 1974
253-Helicopter and Pilot.jpg253Helicopter and Pilot491 Homemaker Figures 1975
254-Family.jpg254Mother and Daughter with Prams943 Homemaker Figures 1975
255-Farming Scene.jpg255Farming Scene1202 Homemaker Figures 1975
256-Police Officers and Motorcycle.jpg256Police Officers and Motorcycle863 Homemaker Figures 1976
258-Zoo with Baseboard.jpg258Zoo with Baseboard4736 Homemaker Figures 1976
330-2.jpg330Gas Station2114 Homemaker figures 1978
No image340Fire Trucks260 1978
1561-instructions.jpg1561Lufthansa Flight Crew613 Homemaker Figures 1976