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The Businesswoman[1] is a City Airport minifigure introduced in 2016.


The Businesswoman wears an earth blue business suit, with her torso printing showing a white buttoned shirt underneath. Her face is printed with eyelashes and lipstick, and her hair is a dark orange Mini Wig No. 4.

In mini-movies, the Businesswoman's torso has slightly different details compared to the physical minifigure. She wears a necklace with three gold beads; her white undershirt is plain and lacks any detail; her business jacket only has one button; and her torso is missing its black curves.


As a VIP client of the Airport VIP Service, the Businesswoman travels to her business meetings via private plane. After packing her important papers along with her laptop and phone, she is driven by limousine to the airport and arrives on time to catch her flight.[1]

In Flying Contract, the Businesswoman leaves the Airport Passenger Terminal to ride the limousine, but she slips on a ball and drops her briefcase, losing an important contract in the wind. She hitches a ride on the Fire Ladder Truck, but fails to catch the contract at the container fire. She grabs onto the rope of the crooks' hot air balloon, leading Crook Chuck to panic and accidentally burst the balloon. The balloon crash-lands in a volcanic area, where the Businesswoman finds herself stranded on a rock floating in lava. She is rescued with the help of Volcano Explorer Iggy, although she ignores him in favor of her contract, which burns up in the volcanic heat and leaves her frustrated.[2]


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