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CHI is a stone of life for the creatures of the world of Chima. The creatures of Chima began fighting over this CHI for power, but in the wrong hands CHI can be very dangerous. The first CHI was discovered by the animals on Mount Cavora. Drinking it and rapidly evolved them into various sentient, bipedal animalian creatures. The few who didn't drink of it became the Legend Beasts. Most animal tribe leaders and warriors wear armour with a built-in CHI harness, which can channel its energy to empower the user. Using CHI underage, or using too much, can be very dangerous. In 2014 Fire CHI, which was orange rather than blue, was introduced. Chi in the Chima universe has different properties than Chi in Chinese culture, as Chi in Chinese culture is the life force of a human being.


The creatures of the world of Chima often wear armor with an orb in the center that contains CHI. They can survive without it, though they are much weaker. If enough CHI is obtained, a character (or ordinary Minifigure) can become an Ultrabuild. CHI is sometimes formed as water such as that of the CHI that flows on Mount Cavora and in the Sacred Pool of CHI. Most CHI has been guarded by the Lion Tribe for generations and was once shared throughout the land of Chima, but is now the reason of the war between at least eight of the animal tribes.


CHI is used for nearly everything in the land of Chima. It is used to give warriors great might, power vehicles, and power most weapons. However, weapons like the Royal Valious need recharging after use. Animal tribe warriors can place CHI orbs in the harnesses in their armor and become the size of an Ultrabuild. CHI is also used in Speedorz games as both a power source to the vehicles and the prize. Sometimes, Golden CHI is formed. When this happens, the orb is given to the tribe that performs the best in Speedor events. It is extra powerful, and can do things normal CHI can't, as it was seen altering the terrain of Lagravis' Speedor course.

In Season 3 it revives the Ice Tribe. It's shown that when they don't have a CHI orb in their harness, they remain unconscious. Also, since their harnesses are full, they swallow orbs of CHI to gain power.

Fire Chi is used the same way as regular CHI. However, if a tribe besides the Eagle tribe tries to use it, the Fire CHI will be blazing hot and the unprepared user will be unable to plug it in until they finish the Trial by Fire. Once the trial has been completed, the user will find it not hot at all. Fire CHI can give the user new armor, however, this only applied to Chima's 8 heroes (minus Bladvic) and Lagravis, the ability to melt ice created by the Ice Tribes, and an increased power-up even stronger than what they got from regular CHI. It can also give vehicles and Speedorz the ability to blast fire and melt ice and will change their appearance as well. Once the trial has been completed, the user will find it not hot at all.Fire CHI can only be obtained through the Phoenix's base on the Crescent or at they're city directly.

The power of CHI and Fire CHI usually lasts for only a few minutes. However, on one rare occasion, when Vardy and his troops CHI'ed up and waited for hours, the CHI was still active. This is probable because they were inactive and used up less of the CHI's energy then fighting warriors.

Fake Chi

In Fake CHI, Real Trouble, Crooler meets with a Raven-Eagle hybrid, alchemist named Reegull who offers her fake CHI. Cragger decides to give out the fake CHI to make up for what he's done. When he comes across the Ravens they tell him the CHI is fake, they refer to it as "Reegull's Chigull" and if it works they would sell it by the Truckload. After the chi wears out Crug who plugged on in begins to act like a bird. Razar then tells Cragger that the side effect will occur when the CHI is used up on the user. Cragger goes to see Reegull and he tells Cragger that it's part of his plan to make everyone in Chima like him. After this, Cragger goes around and collects all of the CHI. When he encounters the lions, Cragger assures them that he collected all of the CHI. The Wolves show up and decide to use the CHI. When they go to attack the lions, the side effect kicks in. At the end Cragger and Laval attach bellow plants to Reegull and pop them as he floats away.

This CHI is greener in color, after it's used up the user will believe they're a bird and will act like a bird. This goes away after a day.


CHI is mostly crystal, but can take the form of water. It is normally light blue in colour. However, the CHI that powers weapons of the evil animal tribes turns red to signify their evil intentions. CHI orbs are basically crystal balls with CHI crystals inside of them. description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

CHI is an ultra-potent natural resource that flows through the Sacred Waters of Chima, giving life and energy to much of the Kingdom. It contains the raw power of nature in a condensed form, and, under the right conditions, releases that power for use by the citizens of Chima.

It starts out looking like magical water, as it flows down from the floating Mount Cavora, and into the Cavora River. Its powers are mostly inert until it reaches the Sacred Pool of CHI, guarded by the Lions. Here the CHI mixes with the unique minerals in this one-of-a-kind pool to form glowing, blue orbs of CHI. It can be discretely stored in pockets or containers for limited amounts of time, and used when needed. Chima warriors often carry an “emergency” Orb of CHI with them, but only utilize its power when absolutely necessary.

CHI Orbs channel the awesome power of nature into engines, motors, weaponry, and so on. Most inhabitants of Chima wear a special harness over their shoulders and chest that is specifically designed for holding Orbs of CHI. When a creature places the Orb into his or her harness, the CHI gives that user an instant surge of life and power. It enhances that animal’s inherent instincts, powers, and abilities, connecting it with its most primal animal state. These creatures may also experience increased speed, strength, and stamina.

In vehicles and maCHInes, CHI Orbs can last several hours or several days, depending on how much power the mechanism requires. But eventually the Orb will be depleted – its glow will fade, and, finally, it will evaporate, returning to nature once again. In individual animals, the CHI burst of power continues for several hours, but it is incredibly draining. Thus, the CHI Orbs are used sparingly… unless there is a battle on.

CHI has many unique qualities and rules that affect the entire Kingdom of Chima. There can never be too much or too little CHI in the Sacred Pool, or Chima will suffer catastrophic natural disasters. The balance of CHI affects the entire natural balance of Chima. Thus, the Sacred Pool can never be drained or allowed to overflow. This means limiting the tribes’ use of CHI, but also ensures that the CHI is regularly being used. This is why the Lions ALWAYS distribute the CHI to the tribes, even when some of these tribes are their enemies. They can’t just dump the CHI to balance the flow. They MUST ensure that the CHI is used, or else the Kingdom of Chima will fall out of balance and suffer untold calamities.



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