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Cannonball Taylor is a minifigure from the Speed Racer theme.


The Cannonball Taylor minifigure wears a black helmet and the Royalton Industries racing suit from the movie's climax.


Jack "Cannonball" Taylor was one of the most respected and successful racers in the world of motorsports. A long-time driver for Royalton Industries, he believes that winning is the most important thing in racing. He's a hero of Speed Racer's and encourages Speed to sign with Royalton. However, when Speed declines and becomes the target of a ruthless campaign by the corrupt Royalton Industries to prevent him from upsetting their cartel, Cannonball, as Royalton's best racer, becomes Speed's own target to defeat. Cannonball is assigned by the cartel to win the 91st Grand Prix and races in Royalton's experimental new GRX racecar, which has been equipped with an illegal spearhook weapon. Despite insisting that he doesn't need it to beat Speed, Taylor is overwhelmed by Speed's racing skill and is forced to deploy it, locking their cars together and sending them both out of control. Speed manages to flip the cars, displaying the spearhook to the track cameras and destroying Royalton's reputation. The same manoeuver severs the spearhook and destroys the GRX, forcing Cannonball to bail from the race.

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