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"If you look out to your port-side window, you will see darkness. However, if you turn your attention to the starboard side of the craft, you can catch a glimpse of total...blackness."
―Captain Ace Speedman

Captain Ace Speedman is a character of the Atlantis theme.


Captain Ace Speedman is the leader of the Atlantis Deep Sea Salvage Crew. He was once a member of the League of Extraordinary Treasure Hunters. Although he seems rough and hard, he is a young boy at heart. He doesn't call himself a treasure hunter, due to the fact that he has had many disappointing dives. His dream is to achieve one big find, so he can show off to the League of Extraordinary Treasure Hunters. He has the annoying ability to tell the same jokes again and again, never getting tired of them. He wears an eye patch, but he still has both eyes (he uses the eye patch for effect, scaring Lance Spears with it until Lance discovers that he actually has both his eyes).


"Nothing disappears. If it was ever down there, we'll find it."
―Captain Ace Speedman
"Hey, I give the orders around here!...Let's move out."
―Captain Ace Speedman


  • Captain Ace Speedman owns and pilots the Neptune Carrier.
  • He also amended the design of the Seabed Scavenger, after Dr. Jeff Fisher originally built the model without ironing out any flaws.
  • The Captain claims the Wreck Raider after the vehicle was built by Lance Spears.
  • Although Ace wears an eye patch, there is nothing wrong or injured with the Captain's eye. He just thinks "eyepatches are cool".
  • In his movie appearance, he has the same hairpiece that Madam Hooch has in the 2010 Harry Potter Sets.



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