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Captain Ironhook is the second main Pirates captain in the LEGO Pirates theme. He wears ripped up clothing, and in some sets has a peg leg. He and his pirates were the first to encounter the Islanders. He also appears in the LEGO Pirates audio drama "Piratensegel am Horizont" (English version of transcript available here).



  • In the 1993 Japanese LEGO Pirates commercial, he competes with Captain Redbeard and his crew for the treasure.[1]
  • Set 6289 Red Beard Runner (and its re-release 6290) contain a minifigure similar to some variations of Ironhook, with black legs (no peg leg) and his standard torso and head, but with a brown tricorne instead of a captain's hat. This minifigure is named "Jake the Snake Blake" on page 10 of the March-April 1996 issue of LEGO Mania Magazine.[2]
  • Early designs of Captain Jack Knife from LEGO Universe were very similar to Captain Ironhook.