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Captain Ross Ranger is an Arctic minifigure introduced in 2000. He has a black hood and blue clothing.

LEGO Racers 2

He appears in the video game LEGO Racers 2 next to an exploration tent by the airfield and He tells the player about how one of the explorers has vanished (presumably at the hands of The Berg).

LEGO Adventures! Magazine

In LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 11, Captain Ross, along with Scooter, recover a meteor in the Arctic. However, after returning to base, it broke open and a lightning-shooting scorpion jumped out and attacked them. Ross, again with Scooter, got the creature to follow them and jump over a ravine on snowmobiles. The scorpion, giving chase, fell into the ravine.

LEGO Mania Magazine

In the January-February 2000 issue, he is described as such: "As leader of the explorers, Ross loves to climb mountains and icebergs. Ross climbed one huge iceberg and became stranded. As it floated south, the iceberg started melting like a snow cone left in the sun. Luckily, Crystal rescued Ross with the helicopter before the iceberg turned into an ice cube."


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