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Captain Valiant,[1][2] also known as the Conquistador,[3] is an Imperial Armada minifigure introduced in 1996.


Captain Valiant has a dark green shirt with white pants. His torso is decorated with white frills, a white cravat, a black belt with buckle, and a golden medal. He wears a black Morion Helmet with a white plume. His unique face is decorated with black eyebrows, mustache, and goatee. He is sometimes depicted wearing a metalized silver breastplate.

In LEGO Battles and LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Captain Valiant is depicted as wearing white gloves, although this is not seen in any official sets.


Captain Valiant is a member of the Imperial Armada, and the captain of their newest flagship, the Santa Cruz. After Captain Roger stole gold from the Treasure Outpost, Captain Valiant orders his men to hoist a flag and signal the Soldier's Outpost. This allows Sergeant Speedy to signal the Santa Cruz, revealing the location of Skull Harbour. However, by the time the Santa Cruz arrived, Captain Roger and his pirates had already escaped to Shipwreck Island.[1]

Captain Valiant makes a cameo appearance in LEGO Chess, seen aboard the Armada Flagship during two of the FMV cutscenes in the game's Pirates story mode.

The Conquistador appears as a Hidden Hero in LEGO Battles. Since he can only be unlocked by collecting all Minikits in the Imperial Story, the Conquistador is only playable in Free Play mode. The Conquistador's stats are 3/5 strength, 1000 life, and 2/5 speed, and he costs 500 bricks to build. The Conquistador's Magic Spells are "Area Damage Boost", "Area Armor Boost", "Mining Buff", and "Crab Swarm".

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Captain Valiant is an Explorer tank with the abilities "Cutting Riposte", "Thbbtt!", "Rousing Screech", and "I Am Rubber". He is characterized as flamboyant, using insults and taunts to demoralize the enemy while also boosting his own team's morale.



Video Game Appearances

LEGO Description

A flamboyant tank who hurls both attacks and insults to keep up team morale. Between his rapier wit and his actual rapier, it's hard for his enemies to say which hurts more.

Keeping spirits high on a long voyage can be an imposing task, but it's even harder to do when you're kind of a jerk. As Captain of the imperial armada's flagship, the Santa Cruz, Valiant's main goal isn't just to bring justice to the high seas; it's also to sling as many slick burns as he can along the way.

Opening Act
Debuted in 1996.

Set Sail
Appeared in 4 sets.

Ship Talker
Was a part of the Imperial Armada subtheme.

Thick Skin
Only wore his signature breastplate in the "Pirates Perilous Pitfall" set.

Big Head
Has unique head and torso pieces. LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed


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